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A team may be comprised of no more than 7 anglers and no less than 2 anglers.

Each angler must be a fully registered entrant in the ITM Fishing Competition.

It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that this is so.

Safety Regulations

Everyone on board must have a suitable life jacket.

There must be at least two forms of communication on board at all times, which are constantly on.

If the vessel is less than 6m long, communication devices must still work after being dropped in water.

Fishing Areas

You can go anywhere in the Hauraki Gulf provided you are back in time for dinner and the prizegiving. 

Please consider the weather conditions and safety for all persons onboard your vessel.

Basically, you can go anywhere that allows you to get back on time!

Fishing Times

Anglers are permitted to depart after the briefing, but no lines in the water before 4am on Friday, March 1st.

You are responsible for meeting the deadlines for submitting photos and catch cards before 4:40pm.

Measuring Your Catch

All fish must be measured and photographed on the supplied measuring mat with dorsal spines to the top and nose touching the end.

All photos must clearly show the nose of the fish touching the endplate and the V of the tail–dorsal spines facing up.

The measurement is taken from the V of the tail – it must be clearly visible when zoomed in.

Name cards must be displayed on the measuring mat, along with the fish, in all photos. 

Competition Species & Limits

Team Limits
Each team can record a maximum of 4 snapper, 2 kahawai, 2 kingfish, and 3 ‘other’ species (no more than 2 of the same fish can be included in the ‘other’ category – ‘other’ species are only trevally, gurnard, and john dory). Your fish must be recorded on the provided catch sheet. 

Recording Your Catch

Photos to be uploaded online of your biggest fish only: Record Your Catch – Matakana ITM Fishing Competition.

Be sure to upload only your competition fish for the day. Photos need to be uploaded by 4:40pm at the latest.

Weighmaster must see photos of all recorded fish, so do not delete them. 


The individual prizes go to the longest fish of each tournament species. Team points are accumulated at 1 point per millimetre.

In the event of a draw the released fish wins, if both fish are released or both kept, then the first catch sheet that was handed in wins.

This competition is all about a good day out with “Good Buggers”, so prizes are limited to two per category.

Team prize, including the trophy
The trophy will be engraved with the winning team name; however, it is to remain at the winning team’s store.

The trophy can only be won by one team, and a team is defined by the Registered Team Sheet of members (with a maximum of 7).

The winning team will have accumulated the most points across all categories.

Having a limit on the number of eligible fish means a team of two anglers can compete with a team of seven.